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How Modern Wall Murals Narrate Your Company’s Journey

Luke Malone

Luke Malone

Wall wrap graphic of BMW cars, displayed in the UTI building.

Pivotal Storytelling Elements Through Wall Murals

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, companies continuously seek innovative ways to foster a vibrant workplace and cultivate a sense of belonging and purpose. Environmental graphic design (EGD) has emerged as a cornerstone in achieving this, with wall murals becoming pivotal storytelling elements. These artistic expressions do more than beautify the space; they communicate history, triumphs, culture, and vision. As we delve into contemporary methods, here are strategies on how wall murals can encapsulate your company’s essence, paralleling advancements and current trends in corporate storytelling.

Wall wrap graphic of BMW cars, displayed in the UTI building.
Wall wrap graphic of BMW cars, displayed in the UTI building.

A Journey Through Time

Interactive Timelines Building on the classic timeline concept, modern wall murals can incorporate interactive elements, leveraging QR codes or augmented reality (AR). Visitors and employees can scan these codes with their smartphones to dive deeper into significant events, accessing multimedia content that brings each milestone to life. This digital integration, highlighted by platforms like Adobe Aero, ensures a compelling, immersive experience while celebrating the legacy and ongoing journey of your organization.

Illustrating Excellence

Infographics and Data Visualization Move beyond traditional descriptions by adopting infographics and data visualizations that clearly portray your company’s achievements or explain complex processes. This approach resonates with the data-driven world we inhabit, translating statistics and facts into engaging visuals. Websites like Visually offer insights into transforming data and services into captivating graphic stories, enhancing transparency, and underscoring your industry prowess.

Humanizing Business

Employee-Centric Murals In the era of personal branding, featuring your team within your office’s artistic scenery is profoundly impactful. Create murals with candid images, quotes, and accomplishments of your employees, possibly captured through social media engagement or internal contests. LinkedIn’s Workplace Culture studies reinforce that recognizing employees publicly fosters a positive culture, boosts morale, and attracts new talent. By humanizing your space, you endorse a community, not just a company.

Wall wrap graphics featuring a history timeline of the Brewers.
Wall wrap graphics featuring a history timeline of the Brewers.

Beyond Words

Embodying Vision Through Abstract Art speaks where words cannot, and sometimes your company’s vision and values transcend simple statements. Collaborating with local artists to create abstract murals is a contemporary method of conveying deeper messages about your brand ethos. These interpretations encourage discussion and emotional connection, as explored by sources like Viapagi Collection, which delve into the psychological impacts of abstract art in a corporate environment.

Cultivating Culture

Dynamic, Reflective Spaces Modern murals should be evolutionary, mirroring the ever-changing nature of your company’s culture. Consider designs that can be added to or modified regularly, reflecting current themes or achievements. Whether it’s a community mural allowing employees to leave their mark or digital screens showcasing real-time updates and social feeds, the goal is to create a living representation of your organization’s culture. This strategy aligns with the insights from businesses like Canva, emphasizing adaptability and employee engagement in fostering organizational success.


Today’s wall murals are not just decor; they are strategic narrative tools that reflect the heart, dynamism, and innovation of your company. By embracing technology, artistic expression, and the human element, you can transform your work environment into a compelling story that unfolds at every turn. These modern interpretations of environmental graphic design not only embellish your space but also build a community and culture where employees thrive together.

We invite you to share your experiences or thoughts about integrating modern art into the workplace. How have wall murals shaped your company’s environment? Let’s discuss below in the comments.

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