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Green business practices, recycling, donations, and more!


Recycling as a
Daily Practice

At Image Craft, we’ve instituted company-wide recycling into our daily practices in a sustained effort to reduce the amount of trash that goes to landfills. Our on-site recycling compactor accepts all manner of paper products, including documents, newspapers, brochures, junk mail, and more generated daily throughout our office areas. Cardboard from the many supply deliveries we receive in a day also goes straight to the compactor, as does waste from our breakroom, such as cans, bottles, frozen food boxes, and much more!    

Aerial view of an industrial building's rooftop covered with an array of solar panels, illustrating a commitment to sustainable energy practices within a busy commercial district.


Solar Power &
Energy Conservation

Sustainability is a very important mission at Image Craft. Not only do we recycle and donate materials to several local nonprofits, but we also take a proactive approach in everyday business. In 2021, we installed solar panels atop our 60,000 sq. ft. facility, which, on a recent day, generated 385 megawatt hours of renewable energy. That’s a lot of energy! In fact, that’s the same amount of energy as: 16,053 electric cars charged; 11,467 nights of powering the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree; 34,020 gallons of gasoline offset; 71,276,245 smartphones charged; and 12 days of powering one search engine data center!


Green Business Certifications

From sustainable substrates and inks to recycling programs and material donations to several nonprofits, we demonstrate our commitment to a green business philosophy year-round. We’re proud to say that Image Craft is certified as a green business by Local First Arizona and is a Platinum Certified Green Business Leader through the City of Phoenix Public Works Department.


Donations to

As one of our green business initiatives, we are proud to donate our leftover print media and other resusable items to a few nonprofits, including Treasures 4 Teachers and The Art Resource Center, that would otherwise go to a recycling facility. We encourage you to check out the websites of both organizations to see how you can help!

We have also donated used mesh banners from stadiums and arenas to the Tiger Mountain Foundation, a nonprofit focused on teaching practical life skills through community gardening and landscaping, for use in weed control efforts. 

One of our staff favorite nonprofits, Toys for Tots, benefits from our annual holiday toy drive, and our employees proudly participate in any number of water and food drives annually!

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If you share our commitment to a green business philosophy and prefer working with partners who understand your concerns, reach out to us! We’re here to help you wade through the various options available to you.

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