TruLife™ Acrylic is: vivid with colors as bold as real life. anti-reflective - see the image not your reflection. anti-abrasive - Tough, durable, and scratch resistant. 99% UV protected.

TrueLife™ is revolutionary single-sided, anti-reflective, abrasion resistant acrylic, developed specifically for face/second surface mounting and direct printing on the substrate, delivers the highest-resolution viewing experience possible to truly reflect an artist’s vision, and nothing else. It captures the details with lifelike colors, incredible depth, and clarity to show photography and fine art as it was meant to be viewed.

  • 99% UV Protection

  • Anti-Reflective

  • Shatter Resistant

  • Abrasive Resistant

  • Anti-Static

TruLife acrylic

“TruLife™ Acrylic creates a nearly invisible viewing surface, which allows my artistic vision for the scene to be interpreted clearly. ”

Thomas D. MangelsenLegendary Nature Photographer
trulife acrylic antiglare

TruLife™ is manufactured with a proprietary anti-reflective coating which virtually eliminates distracting reflections and annoying glare associated with other acrylics. Unlike other acrylics which attract dust and scratch easily, TruLife™ is anti-static and scratch-resistant. It offers up to 20 times the protection acrylic and stands up to frequent handling and cleaning. TruLife™ Acrylic is formulated to transmit 98 percent of light in the visible spectrum, resulting in optically brilliant, crisp color vibrancy. It also offers 99 percent UV Protection that helps protect your photo from fading.

Spec Sheet

Testing & Technical Info


  • Passes Photographic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916
  • Meets ISO 18902 section 3.9
  • <1.0E+12 Surface Resistivity (Ohms/square)
  • Passes Outgassing Oddy Test
  • Passes Humidity Resistance MIL-C-48497A para
  • Passes RoHS Compliance ASTM B117-03
  • Passes Corrosion Resistance (Salt Fog) ASTM B117-03 & B368-03 & B368-97
  • Passes Coating Adhesion (Snap Tape) MIL-C-48497A para
  • Passes Solubility MIL-C-48497A
  • Accelerated Aging 2000 hours (~100 years) of Q-sun Xenon Arc Testing at exposure intensity of 100,000 lux properties remain unchanged

Technical Info

  • Substrate: Abrasion Resistant UV Filter Acrylic
  • Coating: Single Sided Anti-Reflective
  • Thickness: 3.0mm, 4.5mm and 6.0mm /.118″, .177″ and .237″
  • Maximum Size: 72″ x 120″ / 1830mm x 3050mm
  • Reflection: <5% unmounted/ <1.5% mounted/direct printed
  • Transmission: >98% mounted/direct printed (total)
  • UV Block: up to 99% of 300nm to 380nm UV rays