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When you want to make a difference, UltimateMetal is the way to go! Many photographers spend alot of time getting the perfect shot, so when it comes to producing their image, they want to be sure it will impress even the toughest critics. UltimateMetal – Chromaluxe does just that. Not only does the color pop, but the depth it gives the image is amazing. UltimateMetal makes your image look like it is 3D.

Why choose UltimateMetal?

  • Maximum color Brilliance- unsurpassed color vibrancy and resolution
  • It is scratch, fade, moisture, and flame resistant – perfect for any location
  • It is non-porous – easy to clean with any cleaner!
  • Lightweight

Professional photographer, Tom Johnson said, “Image Craft’s UltimateMetal print of my Colorado River image is currently displayed at Exposures International Gallery. I have received many, many nice comments on the overall quality and specifically the color and sharpness that the ChromaLuxe media delivers. I really like that is has the bright metallic finish, without being too reflective to appreciate the color saturation and depth”.

Thanks Tom, such a pleasure to work with your gorgeous photographs.

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