Higher Education Graphics



Competition for students is tough for higher education these days. Kids are looking for the total experience now, great curriculum, fun social life and of course an amazing campus. Image Craft has helped schools maintain a consistent brand from classrooms to the athletic fields and every other place your school’s brand is displayed with their graphic packages. We have done wall murals in dorms, window graphics at the student union, dimensional letters in the administration office and even wrapped a Zamboni at the hockey arena. We make sure the colors in your graphics are exactly your schools branded colors and and not your rivals.

Grand Canyon Unversity showing off their seal with wall mural.

Check out some of our other cool projects:

Campus beautification is one of the leading initiatives to attract the millennial student. Fun, colorful, lifestyle graphics help promote student spirit.


Arizona State University’s WP Carey Business school is renown for its excellence. As a result ASU felt it was important to reinforce the school’s brand with the student. Image Craft accomplished this by using a variety of media including banners, wall murals and window graphics in the business school’s dorm.


Cool glass decals on the ASU campus

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding

Impress Your Clients and Inspire Your Employees

Plain white walls simply do not cut it any more in offices. When a client walks into your lobby they should experience your corporate brand before the receptionist says hello. The possibilities are endless – wall murals, acrylic dimensional letters, frosted glass, canvas prints and custom wallpaper to name a few of the options. We know it is important to  make sure your office decor looks on brand from floor to ceiling.

We can work with your architects and interior designers to expertly bring their visions to reality or our professional design staff can create a dynamic work space directly with you. We have worked with brands as large as the Fortune 100 and as small as the local mom and pop. We aren’t scared by how large your company may be nor will we treat you as an afterthought if you are smaller. We simply like working with people that are passionate about their brand.

American Airlines Training Room Wall Mural

Some great examples of Corporate Branding.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Let Image Craft help make it a great one! We will make your lobby, conference rooms, hallways, offices and even bathrooms look amazing and on brand.


Isagenix is a dynamic company and wanted a contemporary solution to display their global reach. Image craft came up with a combination of a wall mural with dimensional letters and  cable system to display acrylic panels of various international markets where they maintain a presence. As Isagenix expands, they are easily able to add additional second surface acrylic panels to showcase new markets.

The wall impresses clients as they walk through the office and boosts pride in the Isagenix team.


timeline graphics

Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency

We allow advertising agencies to push their creative limits.

We know advertising agencies.  We love advertising agencies. Our creative, engineering and fabrication departments work with agencies creative and production departments to bring your projects to life. So don’t worry about the how, just let your creative juices run wild.

Image Craft print technicians reproduce color perfectly and consistently so when you need your client’s logo to be a nice delicious Pantone 7568 C you aren’t embarrassed when it shows up Pantone 448 C (aka “opaque couché”). We understand that sometimes client’s expectations are high, maybe even sometimes bordering on unrealistic, but our team makes sure you won’t disappoint your client. So whether it is printing, shipping or installing, we treat your customers’ projects with the same care and diligence that you do. We are in this together.

Image Craft’s color obsessed prepress and print operators won’t let your delicious chocolate brown melt into a cesspool blob.

Image Craft Color Management for advertising agency

Image Craft Color management

With over 352 products and services available, the only limitation to delivering brand-building, traffic-generating, award-winning campaigns to your clients is your imagination.

Featured Project

The Arizona Lottery asked their agency Lane Terralever to help make their entry more dramatic. After consulting with creative and production teams, we decided the dominant windows were the perfect place to promote their educational “Where the Money Goes” campaign.  Utilizing 3M™ 8170 window perf with 3M™ 8914 optically clear overlaminate, Image Craft created a stunning entry for everyone visiting the Lottery’s office. The window perf is a terrific solution for companies to add additional signage in an underutilized space. Window perf provides a full vibrant image to be seen on the outside of the window while maintaining allowing viewing from inside.

Window Graphics – Arizona Lottery

Window graphics branding the Arizona Lottery to everyone coming in to their office.