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Custom Framing

Digital Photographic Printing

Ok, we have to say it – We love everything about photography!

Image Craft was started in 1979 to serve the needs of the discerning professional photographer. Many of our talented team members are excellent with the camera, and we all share a true passion and commitment to helping make your image look as good as it did through the viewfinder. Our Lambda prints are the best in the business, and a little-known fact is that photo output remains the gold standard in galleries, high-end retail and museums.

When only the absolute best will do. (At a price that might surprise you)

It’s actually simple to describe the photo quality – breathtaking. Whether it’s the smooth transitions, the richness of the blacks or the resolution of fine details, this technology is second to none.

When it comes to breaking through the clutter and stopping people in their tracks, there is no substitute for the impact of backlit prints, and today’s thin profile LED frames make it more convenient and cost effective than ever.

Digital Wallcoverings

We will make your dream a reality.

Whether it’s your home, your office, or your retail space, the rules and limitations of mass-produced wallcoverings are a thing of the past. The look, feel, and messaging possible with Digital Wallcoverings can bring new design opportunities to every project!

Your ideas brought to life through our expertise and the latest digital print technology.

Working in collaboration, we manage every step of the process to ensure that your project is produced accurately, on time, and on budget. Need help with images or patterns for your project? Let our experienced project managers curate concepts, review proofs, and coordinate production and installation if you’d like!

Digital Wallcovering: you’re only limited by your imagination.

"Botanical: Spring Day" by Aux Abris

Wallcovering is back!

Interior Designers have relied on wallpaper for centuries to add color, texture, and patterns to spaces, but often turn to paint when they want to create a large one-of-a-kind mural.

Today, they can get their custom designs digitally printed by Image Craft.

"Botanical: Porcelain" by Aux Abris

Karen Robert, owner of Aux Abris, knows that digital printing has opened a whole new world of possibilities – changing bare walls to breath-taking designs.


You might be surprised to learn that wallcovering over paint can result in a savings of 30% or more. Wallcovering can last up to 15 years, while paint usually will last only 3 years. Plus, an upgradable protective laminate option will provide stain, scratch and abrasion resistance as well as fire retardancy to wallcoverings.

For your next unique masterpiece, call Image Craft and design your custom wallpaper today. Quick turn around time and expert installers can help make your dream come to life!

Discover UltimateMetal Prints

When you want to make a difference, UltimateMetal is the way to go! Many photographers spend alot of time getting the perfect shot, so when it comes to producing their image, they want to be sure it will impress even the toughest critics. UltimateMetal – Chromaluxe does just that. Not only does the color pop, but the depth it gives the image is amazing. UltimateMetal makes your image look like it is 3D.

Why choose UltimateMetal?

  • Maximum color Brilliance- unsurpassed color vibrancy and resolution
  • It is scratch, fade, moisture, and flame resistant – perfect for any location
  • It is non-porous – easy to clean with any cleaner!
  • Lightweight

Professional photographer, Tom Johnson said, “Image Craft’s UltimateMetal print of my Colorado River image is currently displayed at Exposures International Gallery. I have received many, many nice comments on the overall quality and specifically the color and sharpness that the ChromaLuxe media delivers. I really like that is has the bright metallic finish, without being too reflective to appreciate the color saturation and depth”.

Thanks Tom, such a pleasure to work with your gorgeous photographs.

Solutions To Help Ensure Student Safety

Image Craft’s Portable Barrier is an all-plastic corrugated barrier that is ideal for school desktops and educational institutions. Our portable barriers are completely sanitizable and are available in 2 sizes with panel fronts measuring: 20″ x 20″ and 23″ x 24″

Manufactured in the US we can provide you with a large-scale and rapidly-executable social distancing solution for your district or institution. This allows you to provide on instant COVID- 19 solution to have ready for the school year.

Solutions for Social Distancing

Solutions for Social Distancing

Signage & Floor Graphics


Currently there is a need for proper social distancing signage/markings inside essential business that must remain open during these troublesome times.

Signage & Floor Graphics are an excellent way to help organize customers and employees to ensure proper social distancing practices are followed.

Clearly identifying spaces in and around high traffic areas and checkout lanes that are 6 ft apart and raise awareness to the issue at hand.

In-stock & ready to ship!

Floor & Sidewalk Graphics

Floor Graphic
Social Distancing

Sidewalk Graphic
Social Distancing

Floor Graphic
Please Wait Here

Sidewalk Graphic
Please Wait Here

Floor Graphic
For Everyone’s Safety

Sidewalk Graphic
For Everyone’s Safety

Counter & Banner Stands

Counter Sign
Practice Social Distancing

Counter Sign
Be Socially Safe

Counter Sign
For Everyone’s Safety

Banner Stand Graphic
Please Keep Safe

Freestanding hardware

Window, Door, & Vehicle Signs

Window Graphic
Social Distancing

Vehicle Graphic
Social Distancing

Window Graphic
For Everyone’s Safety

Vehicle Graphic
For Everyone’s Safety

Window Graphic
Keep Safe Distance

Vehicle Graphic
Keep Safe Distance

Hanging Signs & Banners

Hanging Sign
Social Distancing 6′

Hanging Signs
Social Distancing

Hanging Signs
Social Distancing in Practice

Carry Out & Curbside Pickup

Customizable Acoustic Panels

We are excited to showcase our customizable acoustic panels. Are noise levels ruining the ambiance for your customers? Having a hard time hearing during your conference calls?

Acoustic panels can help flatten noise levels while enhancing the visual appeal of your space.

Hidden in plain sight. These decorative menus are actually acoustic panels.

Keep your branding consistent, while cutting back on excessive noise, providing an atmosphere that your customers can enjoy. From restaurants to hotels, board rooms to personal offices, our panels can visually enhance, while providing acoustic functionality. In addition to custom prints and designs, our panels can also be custom shaped.

Fun Facts: Acoustic panels are made with recyclable materials and have a “A” fire rating. They are moisture & microbial resistant and can be bleach cleanable.