Fabric is the Hottest Trend in Visual Graphics

SEG Graphics are flexible and easy to install

Fabric Graphics Are Not Just For Trade Shows Anymore.

For many years fabric graphics (otherwise known as dye-sublimation printing) were the secret of the trade show industry. But recently retail, hospitality and commercial interior designers have realized the appeal of fabric’s vivid, deep colors and the versatility. While fabric can be displayed in many ways including tension (pole pockets) and zipper (pillowcases) that are popular at trade shows, SEG (silicone edge graphics) are popular in other environments due to its contemporary look, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The following provides an in-depth look on how using SEG fabric graphics can help transform your next project.

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5 Ways Wall Murals Tell the Story of Your Company

American Airlines creates wall that talks with clocks in each time zone.


When it comes to deciding how to design your workspace there are many choices. You can be practical. You can be sleek and contemporary. You can be vibrant and colorful. You can even be frugal. But studies have shown you need to be inspirational if you want to attract and retain the best talent. This has lead to the boom in environmental graphic design in workplace decor. And one of the hottest trends in EGD is using wall murals to tell the story of your organization. One easy way is how American Airlines used clocks on a map to simply show their routes span the globe as shown in the image above. Here are 5 other great ways to use wall murals to tell your story.

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How Environmental Graphics Are Transforming the Modern Workplace.

Environmental Graphics in the workplace can inspire


Once, all employees expected from their workplace was a desk, computer, mildly acceptable coffee and a paycheck every other week. For companies to attract today’s brightest talent, they better have a workplace that transcends mere function and inspires, entertains and captures the culture of the organization. The most recent Experience Index by Gensler’s Research Institute found that 80% of people that have a great workplace experience can identify with something unique about their office design. And environmental graphics are a key ingredient.

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