A Wall Mural of Olympic Proportions


Wall Mural RoughRap

July 27, 2016 | Eric Rutin

With the Rio 2016 Olympics right around the corner, the United States Olympic Committee needed a dramatic wall mural for their Visitors Center to capture the spirit. Of course they came to Image Craft to help them bring this vision to life.

Being an Olympic year, a standard wall mural was simply not going to do.  The USOC’s graphic design firm, Axio Design, created a three dimensional design for a wall that was both curved and textured with multiple surfaces.  It was critical for material selection, fabrication process and installation technique to be exact to insure a fantastic looking wall.

Wall Mural Image Craft used a unique fabrication method to achieve the dramatic look for the dimensional letters. The brushed aluminum flat cut letters were only ½” x ½” and required precise fabrication for the face, sides and stud mounts.  To make matters even more complicated the pin mounts had to be properly positioned to match the grout lines rather than where they would be traditionally placed. On a flat wall this would be a challenge enough, but on this curved wall it proved to be an exercise in art and engineering to insure the integrity of the installation would not only look good, but would be stable and secure.

For the wall mural, we used MACtac ‘s 2.1-mil PVC vinyl film, RoughRap paired with RAYZor laminate for three reasons:

  1. The ultra-white gloss face stock shows off colors brilliantly
  2. RoughRap Wall Mural Strong adherence to rough wall surfaces creates a paint-like bond
  3.  Exceptional conformability and easy tear-free application for a smoother installation

Thanks to proper planning and the right materials, the installation was a breeze. Our installers had to use a few tricks of the trade to ensure proper adherence since there were multiple surfaces in the wall.  All said and done, we had an excited client and a job that we were proud to be a part off. Next stop, Rio!

If you would like to learn more how Image Craft could help you please send us an email at sales@imcraft.com or call 800.274.2422.


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