Multicam Camo

Superior Concealment

MultiCam combat-proven patterns NOW also available in Adhesive Vinyl The MultiCam family of camouflage patterns, were developed to effectively limit the visual signature of a person, gear and vehicles to operate across a wide range of physical environments and seasons. Image Craft has mastered the reproduction of the MultiCam camouflage patterns and is the exclusive provider of MultiCam adhesive vinyl films and decals.

MultiCam Jeep Vehicle Wrap

Multicam Patterns

The MultiCam Pattern family is available in 5 different patterns:
multicam-regular multicam arid multicam tropic multicam alpine multicam black

Image Craft uses state-of-the-art digital printing processes and superior color matching standards to meet the combat-proven color performance required for the MultiCam pattern reproduction.

The high performance, cast, pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl used for the MultiCam vinyl applications, is specifically designed for fleet, vehicle, boat, interior and exterior applications. Non-visible air release channels provide for easy installation and a smooth, color perfect appearance.

MultiCam Adhesive Solutions

  • Vehicle Graphics Solutions & Wraps
  • ATV/UTV Decals & Wraps
  • Boat wraps
  • Motor Cycle Graphics
  • Interior and Exterior Signage
  • US Army Combat Solutions
  • U.S. Special Operations Forces
  • Federal Agencies
  • Elite SWAT Units
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hunting & Recreational Camouflage

Pattern Scales & Sizes

Image Craft Pattern Scales & Sizes of 50% 80% 100% and 300%

Small Gauge Items (e.g., gun magazines, bike frames)

Small-Medium Gauge Items (e.g., hydro dipping)

Medium Gauge Items (e.g., ATV, motorcycle parts, helmet cover wraps)

Large Gauge Items (e.g., vehicle wraps, vans, swat wrap applications)