Let there be (the RIGHT) Light!

Let there be (the RIGHT) Light!

Author: Renate Spilger

February 1st, 2016

Color Matching Experts

We have all faced the question before: What color blue is the sky ?  It is not always easy to speak about color. Reliable as well as valid color communication, through various print applications is an even more complex subject.

At Image Craft we help our clients to communicate their brand and marketing messages on various materials and substrates. We know that hitting the right color is essential. We bring accurate color together with visual impressions for exact measurements – pixel by pixel – no matter if it’s structured, patterned, soft, smooth, shiny or matte. We consider ourselves color specialists one graphic at the time – every time!

“The blue has to be cooler” – “it supposed to look like a sunny sky” – “But this one looks like a greenish blue” … Our color viewing room in our Prepress department puts an end to time-consuming objective color guess work discussions.

Color can refer to its apparent whiteness, yellowness or blueness or it might be warm or cool. These terms do little to define how a printed graphic will look when illuminated under a light source at full print scale. Image Crafts’ color viewing room is superior to regular light box viewing tables.

Color Viewing Room

Color Viewing Booth


Our GTI color viewing 5000°K light bulbs are the graphics industry standard of daylight. Paired with the Munsell M8 neutral grey paint and neutral grey carpet makes the perfect setting for large /grand format color matching. The paint is specially formulated to have a flat spectral response without any color bias. We can measure and review graphic output at full scale, in the right lighting, which allows us for the most accurate color reproduction which is critical to our clients’ brands.

Most types of fluorescent lights produce an irregular or peaky spectral emittance curve. Two printed samples that are a metameric match to an incandescent “white” light might not match under fluorescent light.  Our color experts understand that the printed color on material that match under one source of light will often appear different under another. The technical term for this is called metameric color failure.  

We take great pride in the most accurate color matching of each and every one of our digital output projects. The full scale color viewing in our specialized viewing room provides one additional check point to provide client satisfaction prior to printing and manufacturing a complete project.    

So if precise color reproduction is important to you, and we are sure it is, we invite you to come take a tour of our facility and check out our state of the art color viewing room. Please send us an email sales@imcraft.com or talk to your Image Craft sales representative to schedule a tour.